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Step 1

Save the package and the item

Do not dispose of any packing material or merchandise until the claim is paid or investigated by Package Express Centers. No claims will be honored for items such as guns, hazardous materials, alcoholic beverages, perishables or any other item prohibited by the carrier according to the stated tariffs. In no event will consequential damages or expenses be covered. In the event of partial loss or partial damage, coverage will be pro-rated based on total contents and total declared value of contents.

Step 2

File with UPS

All claims must be filed first with UPS: 800-742-5877.


Step 3

File with Package Express Centers

After you have received a response from UPS - either a payment or letter of denial, all information and materials must then be sent to Package Express Centers either by faxing to 800-570-0683 or e-mail to


Please include:

Detailed Manifest, Customer Receipt, Proof of Value, and either a

denial letter or copy of the check received from UPS

Claim payments will be made for the lowest of: repair cost, original cost, replacement cost or declared value. Remember, we reserve the salvage rights for any items for which we cover. This means that we will retain the merchandise.


If you have additional questions, call 1-800-274-4732.



Filing A Claim

P.O. Box 1178 • Greeneville, TN 37744 Toll Free: 800-274-4732