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The Standard Service Fuel Surcharge applies to all UPS Standard shipments.

Changes to the surcharge will now be effective on Monday of each week.




If your Total Shipping software is currently set at any rate other than those shown above,

you can change this using the following steps...


To change these settings to reflect the correct Fuel Surcharge:

     1.  At the "Enter Package Information" screen, click "Settings"

     2.  Choose "System Setup" from the dropdown menu

     3.  Click the tab labeled "UPS Fuel Surcharge"

     4.  Click on the button (left) titled "Click to Change Ground Rate"

     5.  The rate at right is now red; type the new rate in decimals.

Make sure you enter the "0" in front of the decimal as shown here - 0.11 and 0.070




If you have questions or need help with this procedure

contact Package Express Centers at


UPS Fuel Surcharges

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